Peruvian Jewelry
Imported from Peru

The jewelry is handmade by indigenous artisans in Peru.
They do not have any employees, factories or "sweatshops" in Peru.
These are bought directly from a variety of artisans that set their own prices.
We buy them directly from an importer.
This helps us to be able to keep prices low.

The images below are not the exact one we have in stock, but is examples of styles to chose from.
I have many more designs to chose from. Hopefully I'll get those online soon!

Click on the images for descriptions and pricing.

Contact Us with any specific colors that you would like me to use.


N459 - $15.00
"Condor "


N305 - $12.00

"Love Knot"

N385 - $12.00
"Love Knot"


N024 - $10.00

"2 Strand"

N489 - $12.00
"2 Strand"

"3 Moons"

N457 - $15.00
"3 Moons"

"Bugle Bead"

N454 - $12.00
"Bugle Bead"

What are the materials used in the jewelry?

Metals: The earwires are made of hypo-allergenic surgical steel. The jewelry is made with a variety of metals such as copper, bronze, iron and "alpaca" silver. Alpaca is not truly a silver. It is an alloy of zinc, nickel, copper and iron. It is similar to stainless steel and doesn't rust or tarnish.

Stones: A variety of semi-precious stones are used including turquoise, chrysocolla, lapiz, sodalite, rose quartz, pink andean opal, black onyx, mahogany obsidian, jasper, serpentine, agates and others. Only the agates are known to be enhanced. The other stones are natural.

What are the jewelry measurements?

NECKLACES.........18" to 22" long.
CHOKERS...........16" to 17" long.
EARRINGS....1 1/2" to 4 1/2" long.


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